What is this? SmartBox ... System Monitoring And Recording Technology. The future is here in crusher operating control for maximum production with the highest quality.


The REMco VSI SmartBox crusher HMI controller provides consistent real time information about the machine’s operating performance.  SmartBox monitors and records all critical elements including:



Monitors and displays real time temperature of all bearings

Records oil tank temperature

Drive motor AMP/ KW draw

Monitors all crusher vibration levels

Records no loads / full load R.P.M

Run Down time feature

All safety switches  functions

Lube system operation

All system Alarm notification signals

Historical data logging, 365 days 

Custom designed historical printout

Emergency stop function

On screen alarm page trouble shooting guide

Integrated System Operators Manual

Factory recommended settings for the system

Provides scheduled maintenance alerts

Records all maintenance

USB flash-drive accessibility

Monitoring rotor wear parts


Optional System Features:

Temperature sensing of all motor phases

Temperature sensing of all drive motor bearings

Crushing chamber temperature sensing


Optional System Integration:

Can be integrated to an existing plant PLC system 


Optional Monitoring Features:

Real time alarm notification sent by text / email*

Smartphone APP or iPad viewer*


Optional Multiple Crusher Monitoring:

15” HMI touch screen

Multiple Crusher Monitor in central location


The operating data is gathered and processed through the HMI that is supplied with the system, providing real-time readouts of all operating limits.


SmartBox … a quick return on your investment in crusher control.


US patent No. 7,489,254 ~ Foreign patents pending.


* Internet Required


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