REMco offers wear castings for Barmac VSI crushers. Illustrated to the left, are the 3- piece tip carrier wear plates used on the 33" 3 DTR rotor. This design uses commercially available Grade 8 socket head bolts with an 82-degree head angle for easy release when removed. We also offer this arrangement for 33" 3- port STANDARD rotors when 2 castings per port are used. This part is made of long- wearing 28 % chrome iron, with a hardness range of 550 - 600 bhn.


All the wear castings for the DTR and standard rotors are available from REMco. We also offer some extra heavy duty versions to address disproportionate wearing of the upper and lower wear plates. REMco also offers additional wear castings for special conditions and applications. All tungsten tips, wear castings, etc. are 100% manufactured in the United States. We use no Chinese manufactured components.


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*Barmac is a registered trademark of Metso Minerals