Por: D. Rodriguez, REMco Newsletter (08/2011)


REMco VSI user repeats good decision


A long time REMco customer, user of a SandMax in the Caribbean, has experienced enough business growth in recent years that they needed to build a new plant.


REMco5080Back in 1997, this major producer purchased and installed a REMco model 9000 SandMax with twin drive of 250 HP motors.  At that time, the SandMax was installed to produce concrete sand that could not be made in their two existing 48” cone crushers.  When they added the 9000 SandMax, sand production doubled and this higher production, met their requirements for over a decade.


During that time, growth of the Caribbean market for sand and other good shape aggregates has more than doubled, putting a growing production demand on the original crushing plant. As the premier supplier of quality sand and aggregates on the island, the REMco user studied the problem with careful consideration for new environmental regulations, overall business logistics, and their future sand and aggregate needs.


This carefully studied decision led to the building of a new plant which would double the concrete sand production capacity of the original. But uniquely, to control cost, the new plant incorporated the existing equipment which is to be moved from the original plant to the new site that was chosen with great care for environmental impact on the surrounding area. The challenge was to maintain production while the engineering, fabrication and construction of the new plant took place. With a timetable of six months to complete the move without interruption of production, careful planning was required as well as purchasing and installation of the new crushing and screening equipment. A key component was the need to use a proven performer to minimize the possibility of any startup delays or production losses in achieving the needed doubling of production of sand. A REMco 2011 model 5080 SandMax, again with twin 250 HP motors, was selected and has now been installed. This was done because the REMco SandMax was viewed as a reliable performer to produce quality sand, at the lowest crushing cost.


SandMax9000 SandMax5080_Retro
Figure 1: Original REMco model 9000 SandMax was installed in 1997, shown working alongside a 48” FC cone crusher to augment concrete sand production. Figure 2: In June of 2011, the original 9000 SandMax  after many years of service, was retrofitted and updated to continue the concrete sand production at the original plant. Later it will be moved to the new plant to work with the 2011 model 5080 SandMax.


After the old 9000 SandMax was retrofitted in the field to the new model 5080 standards with the additional new 500 HP REMco 5080 SandMax unit, production rate will improve to over 300 tons per hour of high quality concrete sand. The new plant design incorporates only the new REMco and the refitted model 9000 in the sand production circuit, as the cone crushers from the old plant are not to be used in the new plant. This decision further improves the sand quality for grading and finishing characteristics as there will be no cone crusher product in the sand.

In years to come, the Caribbean demand for manufactured sand will continue to grow, and the REMco SandMax units from this installation as well as from several other REMco SandMax crushers on a number of the Caribbean islands will meet that demand.

Figure 3: This 2011 REMco model 5080 SandMax complete with REMco installation kit will soon be producing more high quality concrete sand in the sunny Caribbean


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