REMco Vertical Shaft Impactors are machines typically used in the third or fourth stage of crushing circuits. Feed rates are from 15 to 1500 TPH. Machine drive powers range from 30 hp to 1500 hp and feed sizes can be from 4” (100 mm) to 1/8" (2.5 mm) or less. Thirteen models in over 40 configurations ensure the VSI crusher buyer that his REMco unit are designed and built to do his crushing task.


Accurate Application ... REMco's Guarantee


Application is the key to successful VSI installation and operation. Rock and mineral deposits vary widely from site to site, country to country and around the world. Crushing plants, circuit variations and product requirements are infinite. For this reason, any crusher, if it is to succeed and perform reliably and economically, must be designed so that it may be adapted to the specific needs of your job. With many crushing machines, marginal versatility of the crusher is a common reason for failure and user displeasure after the machine is in service.


Maximum Versatility ... REMco's Guarantee


The greatest success is achieved when the crushing task is clearly understood between the user and the VSI manufacturer. Placing the VSI in a proper circuit that allows the machine to perform to its optimum achieves the ultimate realization of lowest total cost and best product quality.


Most crusher manufacturers make a limited number of VSI models in fixed configurations, holding an ideology that one or the other is suitable for every crushing application regardless of the finished product or the characteristics of the material being crushed. In contrast, REMco not only manufactures several types of the VSI crushers, REMco makes a multitude of configurations within each type to maximize performance and production rate while minimizing wear cost and power usage; all with an ease of maintenance. REMco tailors each crusher to a given task; no application is general in nature.


At REMco, we do the whole job and we guarantee it!