The Barmac tungsten tip with its unique high ridge, supporting flange and threaded tab was invented and patented by REMco in 1990. Subsequently the patents were sold to Svedala in 1993. Now the original US patent, # 4,940,188, has expired and REMco can supply all versions of this part.


REMco offers a wide variety of tips for Barmac VSI machines. We offer many different grades of tungsten inserts to ensure correct application and the longest wear life for the tips without breakage. Different from OEM tips, all of REMco´s are cast steel (not cast iron) to provide the best possible support to the tungsten insert and thus contribute to longer wear life.


Below are the different grades of tungsten tips identified by color

Green Tips
This grade has broad popularity and it is designed for long life with resistance to breakage for feed sizes below 1 1/2" (40 mm) and for slow to medium rotor speeds.

White Tip
This is a unique tungsten grade supplied only by REMco. It provides impact resistance with feed sizes to 3” (75 mm) and all rotor speeds.

Black Tips
This grade has the highest resistance to chipping and cracking of the tungsten insert. It is recommended for very coarse and boney feeds.


Barmac uses a special 20 mm bolt and copper washer arrangement only available from New Zealand. The REMco style uses no copper washer and a standard commercial Allen Head type 5/8" bolt. The REMco style will install easily in the Barmac rotor.


Additional grades for special applications to resolve extreme wear or breakage problems that may occur are available.  Contact REMco for tungsten tip information.



*Barmac is a registered trademark of Metso Minerals