Por: Equipment India, (02/2013)


PROMAN - REMco launches Vertical Shaft Grinder.


PROMAN Infrastructure Service Pvt Ltd launched the Vertical Shaft Grinder (VSG) machine in collaboration with REMco (USA), along with a special screen from Midwestern Screens (USA), for producing fine grade plaster or concrete sand via dry process.


The consistent quality of the manufactured plaster or concrete sand produced with minimum power by the PROMAN-REMco VSG machines are high quality round or cubical sand, less than 2 mm in size, complying with the IS 383 Zone II / IS 1542 standards with best Fineness Modulus (FM), excellent finishing quality, easy pumping, high strength and workability equivalent to natural sand and can be used directly for all plastering or special concrete mixes.


These are high-speed grinders that can be custom-engineered to the specific requirements of different fine aggregates. RS Raghavan, Managing Director, PROMAN Infrastructure Service Pvt Ltd said, “True to our motto of providing innovative crushing solutions at the lowest cost per tonne to the customer, this product offers 35 percent power saving and the unique feature of grinding and producing finer grade plaster or concrete sand as per the customized requirements.”