Por: Marc Albert (Seen in Tri-Valley Herald, 07/2003)


REMco sand better than real thing
When contractors needed sand to extend a concrete air base runway in Oman they went halfway around the world to a Livermore maker of rock crushing equipment.  That may sound strange, but Livermore-based REMco’s machine turns rock into sand that is perfect for making concrete.


“If you use sand that is all one size, the concrete is not very strong,” explained Damian Rodriguez, president of REMco, or Rock Engineered Machinery Co. Sand for concrete must meet certain specification, according to Ryan Puckett, a spokesman for the Portland Cement Association, and industry trade group. Beach and desert sand may contain sulfates or chlorides that corrode steel reinforcing bars.


So Salem Mohiyadin Bin Saif & Brothers Trading & Contracting Co. in the Persian Gulf Sultanate of Oman turned to REMco for machinery to make sand on an island off the coast of a desert nation. REMco’s crusher, the SandMax 1200-ST/AR, cost roughly $250,000 and is capable of processing 850 tons in an hour.


Rodriguez estimated that the project would require up to 500,000 tons of sand in the first year.