Por: BoDean Company (, 05/2011)


First 100% Solar Powered Quarry


BoDean Company’s Mark West Quarry made history on May 11, 2011 when they “Flipped the Switch” and became the first quarry in the world to be 100% reliant on solar power.  BoDean Company owners, Belinda and Dean Soiland have made the BoDean Company an industry leader in sustainability and eco-friendly mining operations.




In addition to the use of solar, the company is also dedicated to the extensive use of recycled materials in its production process, as well as actively pursuing a managed reclamation plan that coincides with quarry operations.

The Mark West Quarry photovoltaic system generates 1,165,000 kilowatt hours of green energy per year from 3,488 state of the art solar panels. The panels are strategically positioned to maximize the angle of the solar rays by being spread over approximately 4 acres on the side of the mountain which are the old quarry workings.  The electricity produced by the solar panels offsets the release of 18,440,521 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, which is enough energy to power 160 typical American homes for a full year.


The BoDean Mark West Quarry utilizes two REMco VSI crushers. The first of these was installed in 1995, a SandMax model 9000 as a tertiary crusher producing various aggregate products. This machine is powered by twin 250 HP motors for a total drive power of 500 HP. That is a lot of sunshine! The REMco unit has continually generated the best cubical shape aggregate from the Mark West Quarry basalt rock for over 16 years.


The second VSI unit is REMco model 400 SandMax used to produce C-33 tight specification concrete sand with excellent FM. This machine was installed in 2009 as part of the BoDean’s company expansion to meet the growing concrete demand of the Saint Helena / Santa Rosa California area.  Using solar generated electric power to drive this machine, BoDean further lowers its sand production cost.

The BoDean Solar Powered Quarry is the first in the world to use sunshine to produce crushed rock. Their REMco VSI units convert sunshine to the highest quality aggregate and sand.


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